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Zimmerman´s Velma and Scooby Doo

As promised in the John Persons post

here is the first part with the Velma Dinkley pictures by Julius Zimmermann, you can find part 2 and 3 here and here

I have put the pictures into the order that I figured out but that´s no guarantee that it´s the right one, If you are going to download some pictures of Julius Zimmerman remember that they are all numbered and if you want to download some of the pictures I posted just look for the number. Usually you can download them in packs of 1000 like from number 7000 - 7999. Now this is the story that I put together :


The story opens with Velma enjoying a good book in her bedroom.

After a few pages of CONFESSIONS OF A NYMPHOMANIC LIBRARIAN Velma is so turned on that she can´t help put to take matters into her own hands. As she starts to moan very loudly she isn´t aware that she´s no longer alone.

Lost in her sexual fantasies she doesn´t notice that Scooby Doo is staring at every inch of her glorious, sweaty naked body. Convulsing and writhing from one orgasm to the next she doesn´t know that she is putting on one hell of a peep show for the dog.

The next day Scooby starts to behave strange around her and when she is showering she keeps hearing strange noises. Although that could be just her imagination with the noise the water makes.

Because every time she looks around there is nobody there but the dog. But whenever she turns around it sounds like something soft is repeatedly thumping against the glass. And every time she turns her back to the glass, spreads her legs or leans over the thumping gets faster and louder. And whatever is being pressed against the glass sounds like is getting harder and harder.

Velma decides to ignore it but she could swear that when she looses her soap and she has to lean over to look for it - which takes 15 minutes - the thumping reaches a crescendo and she even imagines hearing a wolf´s howl.

After the shower she finds a print of something that loooks like a huge banana with a ball on the top on the glass and a pool of a strange white liquid on the floor. Could this be ectoplasma ?

Even when they return home the dog is still very enthusiastic and playful, tugging at her clothes. When Velma tries to feed him gets a hold at her bra and violently tears it so shreds exposing her impressive set of knockers.

He then calms down a bit but he starts to lick her face and fondling her breasts. Velma is too surprised to do anything but after a few minutes she regains her composure and manages to get the dog off.

A few days later Scooby rips her underwear to shreds - again accidential - while playing and manages to get Velma in the right position to hammer her from behind. The girl is too surprised to realize what is happening to her - again - to stop it.

Before she can free herself the dog is inside her and his weight added to the unfortunate position she´s in make it impossible for her to escape. She has to endure another assault as the throbbing piston penetrates her without mercy.

Scooby stops pretending to " accidentially " rip apart Velma´s clothes and then penetrating her. He now openly assaults her, pressing her against the next tree and ramming his rockhard boner into her soft spot.

Velma tries to fight him off but his weight is just too much for her and with her legs spread wide and Scooby thrusting violently into her she can´t get any leverage.

The next day Scooby Doo doesn´t even wait till he finds a tree. He just drags Velma into the bushes away from prying eyes and starts licking her big mounds.

His big, raspy tongue is licking all over her sensitive tits until they are incredibly hard. Poor Velma is still so weak from the banging she got Yesterday that she can´t resist for long. Soon the dog´s pinned her to the ground while his rigid tool plunges deeply into her quivering womanhood.

The following night Velma locks her bedroom but the horny dog just breaks the door down. All attempts to avoid being sexually assaulted again are futile as Scooby has become addicted to sex with the freckled sexbomb.

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