Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

Velma and Daphne and Scooby Doo

As promised in the John Persons post

here is the second part with the Velma Dinkley pictures by Julius Zimmermann, you can find part 1 and 3 here and here

Now in this story Daphne joins in on the fun. Velma is still my number one because she´s just the full package.

But Daphne´s not bad either - I mean for a number two. And redheads are always a bonus because you know, there´s really just ONE THING they´re good for.

One day Daphne pays Velma a surprise visit and boy, she gets quite the surprise when she finds Velma sucking Scooby Doo´s boner.

At first she´s shocked to see the girl having sex with the dog but at the same time she´s strangely aroused. Part of it may be because of Velma breaking a taboo but the other part comes from the sheer size of the animal´s member. It´s almost twice as big as Shaggy´s shagbone and that´s pretty big. With a savagery Daphne wouldn´t her believed being capable Velma orally attacks the ever growing schlong, deepthroating it again and again until it reaches a ridiculous size. Daphne´s seen huge dicks before but Velma sucks, massages and rubs the pulsating dick till it´s as big as an arm.

Unaware of the spectator Velma begins to loose all inhibitions and opens wide for the horny dog who begins to drill her pornstar body.

As she gets hornier Velma commands Scooby to pound her faster and harder driving him into a wild frenzy while she relishes getting slam - banged like an animal.

Being only seconds away from her third orgasm Velma let´s Scooby do her in his favorite poisition - doggystyle of course.

Daphne also gets real horny from watching Scooby ramming his gian member into her best friend while slapping against her full buttcheeks. Seeing Velma´s ripe melons swing back and forth like a pair of giant bells takes her mind back to those long boring stakeouts when she and Velma explored every inch of their bodies on the backseat.

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