Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010

RETRO GIRLS - 80s California Bikini Contest

As for my 25th post this month I have decided to do something special. As I´m always putting all the hot sexbombs I´ve seen on tv on the blog here are some I never expected to do.

Back in the 80s before the time of internet porn one of the few occasions to see hot chicks was Mtv´s the GRIND, were hot chicks were shaking their stuff for all it´s worth. I already did some posts about that here and here

What was even better were movies with babes in bikinis ( mostly comedies ) or bikini contests. With the movies you also got to see the chicks naked but you had to get through all the story - which was just an excuse to put a lot of chicks in bikinis and get them naked afterwards.

With the bikini contests the chicks were hotter and there was no story. The downside was you didn´t get to see them naked. Maybe that´s why I often prefer to see a hot chick in an ultratiny bikini than completely naked.

One of the tv stations that showed bikini contests was the sports channel that showed the BIKINI OPEN, a bikini contest show that had a lot of hot women. Many playmates, sports models or actresses started their career there.

Man, I taped the shows like crazy a must have whaked of to those babes for decades. Too bad they haven´t got anything like that on tv now. In any case, the BIKINI OPEN show also showed clips from other bikini contests and one of the best, that had the best chicks was the California Bikini Contest. Which is the reason why this post isn´t called Bikini open post.

Like I said, I totally unexpectdly found a lot of clips and have decied to put them on my blog. Since most of the clips are very old and taken from VHS tapes in most cases some of the quality is rather poor. But the clips are nonetheless worth it.

You can also find them here if you don´t want to wait :

  • vintage erotica forum bikini contest threat

  • As usual I will have to divide it into various parts so here´s the first one that has my top 5 bikini contest sexbombs :

    Little known fact : during the 80s Janet Jackson went to various bikini contest under the name of Bianca McEcchin.

  • Janet Jackson as Bianca McEcchin
  • / second clip

    Okay, maybe that´s not true. But it´s the next best thing since she looks a lot like Janet and she even uses Rhythm Nation for her routine. So here are my top 5 bikini contest babes ( since Bianca is in a category of her own ) :

    Bridget / Brooke / Michelle Thompson is one undisputed number 1 despite her using 3 different names. Great overall body and two really huge tits which you can see are real. Damn, that´s some serious rack !

  • Michelle Thompson 1

  • She also has a great butt and really cute dimples. She looks like the porn version of Geena Davis and can really move. On all my stress relief mix tapes with bikini babes she always came as first and most times I didn´t get to the others because I already climaxed with her. And I didn´t have any nude scenes with her ! But now I found some clips where you can see her topless.

  • Michelle Thompson 2

  • Michelle Thompson 3

  • mov file
  • / another mov file / rar file - 5 clips / striptease

  • taking of secretary outfit
  • / bikini / at pool taking of top / nude

    My number 2, which sometimes came before Michelle is crazy Pamela Brown. Fake boobs, too much makeup, it just doesn't matter, she's got " it " . She´s so enthusiastic and she shakes her boobs so fast ( or squeezes them so tight ) you can help getting an erection. And she always wears the smallest bikinis which only barely cover her nipples.

    She was the ultimate sexbomb and really exploded on stage. I guess the judgges exploded in their girlfriends while thinking of Pam. Unless they somehow got lucky with Pam. Damn, I bet she was as wild between the sheets as during her routine.

  • Pamela Brown 1

  • Pamela Brown 2

  • Pamela Brown 3

  • I have also added a clip of sexy Jamie because she´s also in one of the clips with Pam. She´s not in my top 5 but she does have a very doable body and nice, big breasts.

  • Jamie ( big boobs ) then Pamela Brown
  • / just Jamie

    My number 3 of alltime hot bikini babes has to be Mercedes. If I have ever seen somebody who deserves the title " living blow up sexdoll " it´s this flexible blonde.

    She really has a perfect body and the cowgirl routine never fails. Man, her hips don´t lie !!!

  • Mercedes

  • Number 4 has to be redhead Julie Fulkerson a.k.a. Blaze. Perfect body, a bit more muscular then the others but sooo hot.

    She can really shake those cans and I like her motto : You can sleep with a blonde, you can sleep with a brunette, but you will never get sleep with a redhead !

    You go girl.

  • Julie Fulkerson 1

  • Julie Fulkerson 2

  • Originally I wanted to just go with 4 girls since it was too difficult to find one that is set apart from the others but I can´t do a top 5 without including busty Tiffany Ann.

  • Tiffany Ann

  • The first clip is a bit dark so you don´t see much of her stunning physique but she really makes up for it with the second clip. Yes, she´s another blonde and, yes, she has really big big gazongas but that´s how I like them.

  • Tiffany Ann 2

  • Here are a few more bikini and wet t - shirt contests with my top 5, this time without screencaps. The wet t - shirt competition is especially hot. There are a few clips that also include them, like the parade at the end of the contests but I will put them in the second part

  • Heather Kennedy, Shanae Rudell, Tiffany Ann, Tammy Barker, Marlene Perales, Tanya Carr

  • Pam Brown, Mary Valentine, Marie Bennett, Michelle Thompson, Julie Fulkerson, Corinne Hodge, Kimberly McCartney, Lisa Lennox

  • Lynnondria Haig, Tamara Carrera, Kimberly Johnson, Pamela Barry, Deanna Jordan, finale

  • Hot Body Wet t - shirt contest :

  • preparations
  • / volleyball match / Pamela Barry / Tammy Barker / Heather Kennedy / Kimberly Johnson / Julie Fulkerson / Tiffany Ann / Michelle Thompson / Mary Valentine / Tanya Carr / Pamela Brown / Deanna Jordan / Marlene / Kimberly McCartney / finale

    part 2 and part 3 of hot bikini contest sexbombs

    more hot retro sexbombs :

  • baywatch babe and emanuelle star krista allen

  • sci fi hardbody claudia christian strips on the hidden

  • jamilf lee curtis striptease on true lies

  • pin up goddess raquel welch
  • / sexbomb heather thomas

    As a reminder for the new readers of this blog here is a supersexy clip of spanish Power Girl Marlene Mourreau who performes as a belly dancer. She has squeezed her tits in a micro top that just covers her nipples - and not much else. If you don't want to go through the whole post you have to at least download this clip. You owe it to yourself !!!

    You can download the clip in good quality ( as well as dozens of other ) right here :

  • spanish mega MILF Marlene Mourreau
  • / part 2

    bellydancer clip / alternative link 1 / 2

    Marlene running in her belly dancer outfit

    click here for Halle Berry´s famous blue dress ( the clips / the pics ) and part 1 , part 2 , part 3 , part 4 and part 5 of sexy Halle Berry´s big cleavage in black, Halle Berry´s big cleavage on Jay Leno and halle as green lantern soranik natu

    click here for best of Janet Jackson live , new janet clips , my first post about Janet Jackson , the mega busty Latoya post and more Janet Jackson and even more Janet Jackson part 2 and Janet megabusty in blue first part that also has her new video MAKE ME and second part


  • Janet live on wetten dass

  • Newest clip : Janet Jackson at the season finale of American Idol performing Again, Nothing and Nasty.

    Janet just gets better and better, one of her raunchiest performances yet. Not only do her big boobs move especially tasty in her big cleavage, I can´t believe the butt on that woman ! Janet has the best butt in showbiz and here she proves it.

    Like always she doesn´t like to show it off but there are enough shots where you can get a clear view of it ! And what a great butt it is. If that ass doesn´t give you an instant hard - on there is something wrong with you.

    Janet Jackson´s performance on American Idol 833 MB in 9 parts ( no password needed ) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

    alternative links 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

  • Janet Jackson´s fant - ass - tic performance at American Idol

  • Janet Jackson´s big breasted twin Feline Wood

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