Donnerstag, 10. Februar 2011

RETRO BABES - Rosie Perez and the Soul Train dancers

Longtime readers of this blog may know that I´m a big fan of stripteases, because for me there´s nothing more erotic than a sexbomb with a banging body taking her clothes of while shaking her awesome curves.

Some of my posts are about striptease in movies like the one about natural born stripper nympho Elisabeth Berkeley

and some are about hot sexbombs stripping on tv like spanish striptease goddess Susana Reche

  • Julie Dupage squeezing her boobs on EXTREME LIMITE

  • sexbomb Florence Geanty stripping on Saint Tropez
  • or

  • Lisa Edelstein´s sexy striptease on HOUSE

  • But there are also a few posts on the unknown and unsung sexbombs out there in the real world or on screen who never get any credit. One such series I started is the one about UNKNOWN POWER GIRLS which helped me to identify some of them and give props to the rest. Because it´s not all about the big hollywood stars or starlets, no there are hotties all around us in any shape or size who can be as bootylicious - if not more so - than their famous contemporaries.

    One tv show that highlighted those " not yet famous massitas " was Mtv´s THE GRIND a show that I watched religiously despite the fact that prude directors and gay cameramen tried to sabotage it. No matter how much they tried and how fast they focused elsewhere whenever some hot chick started to scorch up the screen with some amateur ( but still pretty hot ) stripper moves there were small glimpses of boobieness on the show.

    And the best shows were of course the one at the beach when they couldn´t stop the girls from wearing bikinis, getting wet and dancing their asses off.

    I already did two posts at length about the show which showcased exotic pornstars in training like the two chicks in the clip below :

  • boobs of THE GRIND
  • / part 2

    Now the clips on this post are from the original dance show on which THE GRIND and all others were based on : SOUL TRAIN. I can freely admit that I know nothing about the show and all pictures and links and text in this post are from another forum. I´m old but not that old and even if I could have seen it age - wise it was not shown on german tv.

    I have often said that all things that can be found on this blog are freely available and can be found on the internet by everyone. The only thing I do is collect all the best stuff and present it here. But I have said it before and I say it again : without the work and dedication of thousnads of other people on the internet this blog would be nothing.

    So, like usually I came about these clips in a kind of roundabout way while looking for new clips about latin MILF sexbomb Rosie Perez.

    I may be one of the few people who did not know that Rosie started her career as one of the dancers on SOUL TRAIN. So I added two clips to her post but then I thought what should I do about the other clips ?

  • rosie shaking her booty on soultrain with slomo - slobber

  • a full soul train clip with rosie shaking all she got

  • Since I speculated that some of my readers might also not know this but still be interested I decided to make an extrapost for all the hot chickas on Soul Train. The only problem was that for a follow - up to many time has passed since the post about ROSIE PEREZ RELOADED and this one.

    Since the clips are rather old they are small and of poor quality but I think they are worth it nevertheless. And if it´s only to prove that girls were always hot and very talented. So here are the clips :

    Here' s a brief clip of a VH1 special on Soul Train, that has some Rosie Perez, and near the end a few moments of Cheryl Song ( another pretty popular dancer on the show ) today, talking about how basically Soul Train saved her life!

  • Rosie Perez on VH1 soul train special

  • another clip with Rosie Perez

  • Of course there were lots of other hot girls on the show like Shann "The Body" Johnson she was a regular in the 90's.

    Here´s a small clip with her were she shows some incredible rumpshaking skills. Especially in the last part where she´s wearing a white shirt : there is some heavy bouncing action at the beginning ( and also later ) and she has really big pokies under her shirt ! I´m not sure they would show something like this on tv now - Shann with bouncing action and big pokies

    The next clip is a hodge podge but look out for the girl in the pink outfit in the screenshot. ( She shows up at the end of the clip as well ) and she can bounce her boobs like they were on roller bearings. Elsewhere she´s in a yellow outfit that will make you dizzy! pink girl with big milkshakes

    More classic Soul Train, with the girl with the bouncing action ( with the yellow outfit ) : her breasts are constantly in motion! Hard to get a clear cap with them bouncing so fast!

  • milkshake girl in yellow dress

  • Here is a clip from another show from the 80's 27 MB 1:26

  • brief clip of Soul Train in the late 80's early 90's 28 MB, 1:29

  • Another short clip, 33 MB, 55 seconds. The last 10 seconds is pure gold with Cheryl Song showing why she was the hottest girl ever on Soul Train! ( That part is from 1982 - 83 )

  • soul train clip with cheryl song

  • Anyway, another best of hodge podge of the dancers dancing. This seems just a bit fuzzy. soul train clip without screenshot

    Here's some early to mid 80's Soul Train that ran just a few years ago on WGN. No tv was sexier, IMHO, than this show in the 80's. Rampant bralessness, panties showing, high leg kicks, short, short skirts and shorts...must see tv! Some of the caps are blurred by the quick movements, but really pretty decent quality.

  • another soul train clip 86 MB, 4:42

  • best of 1980s with lots of Cheryl Song goodness! 49 MB. 2:19

  • clip of classic 80's shows, much Cheryl Song! 63 MB, 4:19

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