Donnerstag, 8. März 2012

With her huge melons Melissa Archer should do porn

I have to admit I had totally forgotten Melissa Archer but when I came across the pictures of her appearance at the 38th 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards I had to agree with most males on the internet : she really should do porn.

That´s really not something I made up because whenever the sexbomb with the biggest boobs on primetime tv is mentioned the one thing that also comes up is that she should be a pornstar. I couldn´t find out her exact cupsize but since it´s a confirmed 38 it should be at least a 38DD, 38DDD or even a 38E. In any case she can give Christina Hendricks a run for her money.

Melissa stars in the tv series ONE LIFE TO LIVE and she really loves to strut her stuff at the Emmys as she appeared in 2010 with this boobalistic outfit.

Wow, now this is what I call a great rack ! Damn, it looks like her boobs are ready to spill out of her dress at any minute.

Here are a few more pics of hot Melissa at the 2010 Emmy Awards :

Now back to the real reason for doing this post, I couldn´t find the soloclip for Melissa Archer at the 2011 Emmys but I did post the complete show in the last post this year with Christina Hendricks that has also lots of other dowload links ( of which most probably don´t work anymore ).

At that time I first posted the download link for the 38th 2011 Daytime Emmy Awards I tried to find out who that babe with the incredible hooters was but I couldn´t find anything on her. And afterwards there was other stuff I had to do so I forgot about her.

But now that I finally do have some stuff about her I had to do a post. Like I said, I don´t have the soloclip of Melissa but I´m going to repost the download link for the full show. Now usually I scale all the pictures down so they are not bigger than 200 MB and I try to adhere to a maximum of 25 pics per post ( not counting the banners. But Today I´m making an exception in both departements. As usual first the close ups of Melissa :

And here are the screenshots :

38th daytime emmy awards 2011 699 MB

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