Montag, 12. Dezember 2011

Freehope 6

At last the long awaited next chapter of everyones favorite 3D comic has been released. Kendra Blake´s adventures continue in FREEHOPE part 6.

As usual the art is of the highest quality and the story takes another unexpected turn. I´m sure you can´t wait to read this part so I´m not going to write too much about it. If you have read one of the previous parts you know what to expect and if you are new to this, well, what are you waiting for ?

  • freehope 6
  • / ditto / ditto / ditto

    Since there may be new readers to the blog I have also added new download links for the previous parts which in some cases are totally new since I didn´t have download links for all the parts in the last post.

  • freehope 5
  • / ditto / freehope 4 / ditto / freehope 3 / ditto

  • freehope 2
  • / ditto / freehope 1 / ditto

    But that´s not all that is new from 3D master Epoch, he´s also working on the next part of the Clara Raven series in which horny mercenaries get their filthy hands on our spelunking sexbomb.

    The comic is not quite finished but from the art that has been released so far it´s going to be another hot story.

  • clara ravens vs mercenaries

  • Here are a few more 3D comics by Epoch I have probably not posted before :

  • epoch art ( kendra, clara raven and other pin ups )

  • the trainer
  • / breaking point 1 / the nymph 1 and 2 / part 3

    BONUS ROUND : Now while doing the research I found some other comics which are not done by Epoch but nevertheless I think might interest my readers. The first one is with Nami and Nico Robin from the manga series ONE PIECE.

    It seems Chopper has cooked up a special kind of rumbleball and is using his new " boner boner " power on the hot girls. Here Nico finds out that even a half deer / half man creature can have some ram in him, as Chopper is ramming her relentlessly from behind ass - aulting her again and again.

  • nami, robin and chopper

  • Another comic I wanted to post is AEROGIRL, it is very short but there are some great pictures in there.

  • aerogirl

  • The last one is not a 3D comic but since I´m too lazy to put it in a seperate post. Now you may have noticed that I finished posting all links before continuing with the text. That´s because I´m finally fed up with having to write everything twice. So since explorer mostly crashes when I´m adding the links I´m doing it first. Now the picture below from MIDARA may look familiar to some of my longtime readers because I have used it in a few banners.

  • midara 182 pages

  • The comics in this are all by the same artist and contain the series KAMEN RAIDER, a clear spoof of TOMB RAIDER with lots of dildos and tentacles,

    FEMALE DETECTIVE RAPE SAEKO, and like the title implies the bad guys always get the drop on her

    and PEACH COLORED TROPICAL FISH about new swiminstructor Hiraku Maihara who is supposed to bring lots of new students with her special swimsuit.

    picture above right from Epoch´s newest 3D masterpiece - Clara Raven / Other hot Epoch 3D comics : Kendra Blake in freehope

  • unknown Power Girls - part 1
  • and 2 / special puppies edition
  • special looking for kendra edition
  • / special party edition
  • beach sexbomb edition
  • / more beach sexbombs
  • xxxl boobs edition
  • / known Power Girl Christy Marks
  • more unknown Power Girls discovered
  • / my top 20 list

  • blowjob MILF Sonya Kraus
  • has giant boobs on perfect minute
    naked Sonya Kraus body double perfect 10 Bo Derek

    comic art from Colin Muray´s Vikki Belle series

  • vikki belle - riviera moon goddess
  • / the lady and the vampire / the palace of a thousand pleasures / all 3 in one file

    picture on the left from SUSAN STEEL - EASY DEAL here or here
  • Uma Thurman´s giant boobs in megacleavage - part 1
  • / part 2

  • part 1
  • , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 and 7 of argentinian Power Girl Luciana
    3D picture of Power Girl about to slam - f*cked silly by a monsterschlong from strideri 3d sex comic / part 2 / part 3

  • asian Minka´s boob massage
  • ( all her horny patients take lots of viagra to last for multiple hourlong dickdraining sessions )
  • deepthroat nympho Miko Lee
  • loves to SUCK. YOU. DRY !