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Scarlett from Rednex

This was the post in which I originally wanted to include the Samantha de Grenet clip. A lot of my youth in Germany was spent watching music clips with hot chicks. Like this clip of The McCoys and their version of " Hang on Sloopy ".

edit : hang on sloopy clip has been deleted

It´s a classic and I remember the clip because there is a grade - a rumpshaker in this clip who wears no bra under her shirt from the way her boobs bounce. A lot of these clips were shown in MUSIKLADEN a show also famous for their go go girls.

Especially when it was shown after midnight. I posted a clip with the song D.I.S.C.O. from Ottawan with the hot go go girls but it was deleted. There was a blonde with big boobs in the clip I was especially fond of and to who I whacked off for years. She became an erotic model and I saw some nude pictures of her in a magazine but sadly I couldn´t find any to post.

Since my initial video was deleted here is are two others ( the second couldn´t be embedded ) and three download links for clips.

  • michael zagers band - let´s all chant

  • james lloyd - limbo la la la ( embedding disabled )
  • / download

  • status quo - lies with the go go girls

  • Sadly I don´t know any of the names and this is the only info I could get ( sorry, it´s in german ). I also couldn´t find any pictures of the actual go go girls :

    Hallo,hier noch einige Infos zu den Gogos.

    Mike Leckebusch ( what a name, Lecke is " to lick " and bush...well, I don´t have to explain this ), der Macher des Musikladens folgte den Trend und wollte heisse Musik mit heissen Girl servieren. Dazu wurde eine Casting durchgeführt bei dem sich Monique, Sally und Sylvia durchsetzten.

    Monique ist Jahrgang 59 und heist Monika Wulf. Sie ist die Bruenette mit grosser Oberweite. In späteren Folgen ist sie blond bis dunkelblond.

    Monique war Frisösin und tantzte schon in Hamburger Discos. Sally arbeitete im Finanzamt Elmshorn bis sie nach Hamburg ging. Ein Manager brachte sie dann über eine Anzeige mit Monique und Sylvia zusammen.

    In Folge 33 vom 21.05.77 hatten sie ihren ersten Auftritt. Offiziell wurden sie erst in Folge 35 vorgestelt. Von Sylvia weiss ich nur das sie schwanger wurde und nach einigen Sendungen ausschied. Danach machten Monique und Sally erstmal alleine weiter. Ab Folge 47 ( 12.07.79 ) kam Angelique dazu. Ihr Name ist Angelika Heinrich ( Jahrgang 60 )Sie ist die dunkle mit den langen Beinen.

    Von Beruf war sie Fremdsprachen-Korrespodentin. Nach dem Erfolg im Musikladen machten sie ihr Hobby zum Beruf. Sie traten weiter in Discos auf, nun allerdings als Stargast. Es gab auch Tourneen über mehere Bundeswehrstandorte. Ihre freizügigen Auftritte lösten damals Diskussionen aus, so wurde der Musikladen auch schon mal in Zuscherbriefen als Sexladen bezeichnet.

    Ihre Autritte erhöhten aber sicher die Einschaltquoten.

    Zum Ende des Musikladen nahmen sie auch einige Musiktitel auf. Von Angelique gab es mal bei ebay eine Platte. Sie war auch in einigen Sketchen zu sehen. Bei Mike Marren war sie Tänzerin, arbeitete als Model und moderierte Veranstaltungen. Sally hatte einigen Erfolg in Italien. Monique ist in einigen Videos sowie in Udo Lindenbergs Panische Zeiten zu sehen. Am 2 9.11.84 in Folge 90 Hatten sie ihren letzten Auftritt im Musikladen. Danach waren sie noch einzeln in einigen Eurotops Nachtsicht Sendungen zu sehen.

    Angelique strippte in einen RTL-Herrenmagazin. Es soll auch Auftritte bei Tutti Frutti gegeben haben. Heute ist Sally Geschäftsführerin einer Hamburger Modelagentur. Angelique war mal Mitte der 90er in der NDR Talkshow zusammen mit Uschi Nerke ( Moderatorin des Musikladens ). Dort sagte sie wohl, daß sie nun mit ihren Partner ein Restaurant, Hotel oder Pferdehof betreibt.

    Monique machte eine Ausbildung als Regieassistent. Heutzutage soll sie sich mit Stilyng ??? beschäftigen.

    Now I did find some pictures of one of the go gos, Angelika Heinrich, so I translated the part about her :

    From episode 47 on ( 07.12.79 ) Angelique joined the cast. Her full name is Angelika Heinrich ( born 1960 ) she´s the dark haired one with the long legs.

    Her profession was foreign language correspondence clerk. After her success on Musikladen she made her hobby into her profession. She still danced in discos but now as the guest star. She also made a tour through some stations of the german Bundeswehr. Her scorching dance acts were the topic of heated discussion and in some letters from viewers the Musikladen was nicknamed Sexladen ( musicshop / sexshop ).

    Nevertheless her appearances raised the ratings ( no pun intended ).

    At the end of the show she recorded an album and did some sketches. With Mike Marren she worked as a dancer, a model and event host. She also got naked for RTL´s men´s magazine and the german edition of Playboy and there are rumors that she was on Tutti Frutti.

    During the middle of the 90s she was on a talkshow on the german tv station NDR together with Uschi Nerke ( one of the hosts of the Musikladen ) where she said that she had a restaurant, hotel or horse farm together with her husband.

    You can find her complete Playboy pictorial here

    Speaking of nude pictures I would like to have some of Julie Anne Tulley a.k.a. Scarlett the front woman of the Rednex, a Swedish manufactured techno / folk / bluegrass band.

    And what a front that is !

    Wikipedia says they´re mostly known for the hit song " Cotton Eye Joe " in 1994. Although extremely popular in Germany, where the band holds the record of most total weeks ( 25 ) at No.1 on the German singles chart over the past 30 years — scoring such hits as " Old Pop in an Oak ", " The Spirit of the Hawk ” and " Wish You Were Here " - " Cotton Eye Joe " remains Rednex's sole hit in the United States.

    Now the real reason the Rednex are so popular in Germany is Scarlett and her bouncing action. They had another front woman with big boobs before ( a blonde ) but they really became most popular when Scarlett joined in 2001.

    Because they did a lot of live gigs on tv and Scarlett really knows how to shake it. She always puts some extra effort on making her boobies bounce as they often just jump up and down to the music. In one show ( I think it was called APRES SKI HITS ) Scarlett´s huge cans where jumping up and down so wild they almost came up to her chin. And in this instance the german cameraguy even filmed it.

    Like the clip with the go go girls from MUSIKLADEN I had never hoped to find some clips but here are some. The first one is the 2002 remake of COTTON EYE JOE starring the voluptuous Scarlett.

  • cotton eye joe 2002
  • / alternative link

    The second clip is the best one. The Rednex perform SPIRIT OF THE HAWK live at DIE ULTIMATIVE CHARTSHOW and Scarlett is wearing a superb top that highlights her big....talents. There is also some bouncing action. And it´s from the 8th of May 2009 so it´s not that old. Scarlett´s still pretty popular.

  • the spirit of the hawk on die ultimative chartshow

  • The last one is from their performance of COTTON EYE JOE and DEVIL´S ON THE LOOSE at RTL II - der grosse Musiktest. This is from the 15th of October 2010 and while Scarlett doesn´t look as hot in this one as in the last clip the worst part is the cameraguy. The camera is going round and round and I swear you can get whiplash from watching this.

    The best part is at 2.23 when Scarlett is shaking her milkshakes and one of the guys is totally staring at them and Scarlett sees this and laughs. I wonder if there is anything going on between Scarlett and the guys in the tour bus. Man, I bet they try to score with her ( or at least accidently surprise her when she´s naked ) every chance they can.

  • cotton eye joe + devil´s on the loose live

  • I tried to find some pictures but these were the only ones I could find.

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